Picking On Bach

Four of J.S. Bach’s most beautiful Violin Partitas arranged for guitar, so as to take advantage of all of the guitar’s unique sonic and tonal capabilities.

One of the big advantages of these arrangements is that they make these violin partitas accessible to all skill levels.

I currently have a 10 yr. old student finishing up the Double in Bm, played in 9/8.

As they say…

“you are what you practice.”

These pieces are a great way to advance your playing both technically and musically.

Want to know how to think and play like one of the great musical geniuses?

Learn their music.

I wish someone had directed me to these pieces when I was first getting started playing.

That’s specifically why I arranged these pieces for guitar.

Link to ‘Picking On Bach’


This course is designed specifically for those people that are tired of not being able to visualize the notes on the guitar neck. That’s it.

Not knowing what you are playing is a tremendous disadvantage.

It affects EVERYTHING you do on the guitar.

It prevents you from fully understanding chords, scales, melodies and theory.

Not being able to know what note you are playing is like not being able to read, anything.

So many opportunities for learning are missed out on when you don’t know what notes you are playing on the guitar.

If you have that problem then this course is for you.

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